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March 11, 2013


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The male sits down on the couch while talking to the boy and grabs a single Dorito from the bowl on the table. Before he could get the Dorito into his mouth, the boy has slapped him, recites the "house rules", and then stares him into the eye, while keeping his cuteness. The boy keeps his straight face and says, "Keep your hand off my Mama; Keep your hands of my Doritos".


On behalf of Wally, I thank you, Daryl. Hes currently nosing under the dining room table, in case we dropped some morsel at dinner.


Pierre, Wally would surprise even Sir Isaac.


SO sweet ...

Pierre Lafrance

"A body at rest tends to stay at rest." (Sir Isaac Newton)

"A nap is better than seventy two virgins any day." (Old Azerbaijani Proverb)

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