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October 23, 2012


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and why is it you have so many photos of me with monkeys on my back??? hmmm??????

had tried to post a music video earlier and it didn't work, so will try once more



That would be a San Mateo band trip. Can't imagine where the cigar came from, but the monkey on your back was named Pedro and belonged to Stuart. I've always loved this goofy photo.


oh, where in the world did that picture come from?? from you, i assume, but where in hell were we?


i woke up, read this and for some reason, one thing came to mind

hope this works, if not, delete and we'll fix it. delightful post, best friend.


Bob Cleveland

On the other hand, when they take the girdle off, they make their torso moreso.





Cheryl is the 16-year-old smoking giant rubber cigar on a crowded band bus, Meg. The chicks in their undies are just a recurring joke over 40 years of friendship with Cheryl.


Me too, MPM!

Bob Cleveland

There's something oddly conflicted about three women walking along in those armored girdles, carrying a sign saying "FREEDOM".

I'm going to have to think about that.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

I'm confused; which one is Cheryl??

That's a fabulous photo of ladies in their unmentionables. Only you, Foolery.

Mental P Mama

I love anniversaries like this!!

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