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October 21, 2012


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Fooleryland would love to have you, Miss Meg. Just give me a few days to clean up. Weeks. Well, months.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

Love the photos and the treasure that is so close to where you live! But I don't feel as if I've crossed Fooleryland off of my list of places to see; I still want to come see it in person.


The chickens were home preparing for the storm thats hitting now, Daryl. Scratch...scratch...peck-peck-peck...scratch...and YES the girls are growing fast, SHUDDER.


what a glorious part of the world .. I am however disappointed there are no chickens or mentions of chickens in this post ... and YOWZA those girls are getting so tall ... xoxox


Thanks CBW! I think curvy is groovy, too. #10 is my favorite. And speaking of CURVY, who told my daughters it was okay to grow up?! AARRGGHH!!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

First of all, I LOVE these photos, esp. #3, 10, and 12 because of the curvy shoreline. In #3 the curvy shoreline goes with the curvy lines of the picnic table and the curvy tree.

Curvy is groovy.

See all those technical photography terms I've just tossed around? Curvy and groovy?

Second of all, thank you for the shout out, but Kate and Daryl are the real, true photographers.

Third, your daughters are growing like weeds! Beautiful.


Frances, for obvious reasons (see post) I dont water ski, and the last time I caught a fish I cried. But those hills and valley oaks recharge my batteries and they always have. If time permitted Id drive there all the time. Thanks for reading!


I'm wondering why I haven't been there in so long. It's right in our backyard. We used to practically live there; camping, waterskiing and fishing. Thank you for so many wonderful photos and a walk down memory lane.

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