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July 29, 2012


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I had no idea a dead cow could actually explode, but now it sound pretty much logical. I hope you and your farm are okay. Keep watching the cows thoroughly:)

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

The Dead Wagon! *snort* Gotta say, I don't recall this happening in all my years growin' up on the farm.


Kinda shakes your foundations, doesnt it, CBW? Were really not as cute and cuddly as we portray ourselves here in Fooleryland. ; )


I think she was more of a Mona, Daryl. Hypothetically.


Gramps, Im terribly sorry. Time to shave the dogs and stock up on tomato juice.


Deepest sympathies, Faux-Baby. Have you come back to your olfactory senses yet?


Of course, hypothetically, Ricks Cafe. Pretty much everything we discuss here in Fooleryland is hypothetical. So much easier to clean up the mess that way.

Can I borrow your hypothetical slingshot?

Chesapeake Bay Woman


Daryl aka Big Apple

phew, thanks be Elsie, this was all hypothetical


I am Citified---and I like it that way. Can't imagine a dead cow outside my bedroom window
However, recently the skunks have been out-and-about. Two of my dogs have been skunked in recent weeks. It's amazing how much they can screw up my Citified life when they get back into the house before I smell them


oh gaaaaaawd! i remember the horror! mostly from when my horse wahoo bought the farm. truly, the worst thing i remember was driving somewhere a couple of years ago behind the off-red montero bros 'meat wagon' with no room to pass for MILES and MILES on a hot summer day. you summed it all up just perfectly.

Rick's Cafe

Good thing you don't have several young boys living close by. Ya know tha age, when they walk around all day with sling-shots in their pockets just itchin' for something fun/different to shoot.
Not that I would know anything about things like that - hypothetcially.


Ha ha ha -- I wish said hyena luck getting a toothhold. It would be like biting a taut leather Volkswagen.

Bob Cleveland

Say wouldn't it be fun to turn a hyena loose on a fully blimpified cow, just to see the expression on his face, after the first bite?

As he was passing over your house?

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