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May 17, 2012


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Chesapeake Bay Woman

The pointy hat; hosting a brain parasite; and the wondering about water in Orland remarks are priceless.

I would never have guessed an entire town would convene to celebrate the birthday of a water tower. You and Gubby might not be the only ones there who need to get out more, but this is coming from someone who lives in a place with no water tower and no stoplights.

We do, however, host plenty of brain parasites.

Cheap Celine Bags

I think you really have a wonderful point and the information you have provided has indeed helped me a lot.I love that water tower.


I wonder how old that makes NYC water towers, Daryl, if this modern one is 100? Thanks for reading!

Daryl aka Big Apple

why thank you so much for the shout out ... I love that water tower .. its got such a sleek modern look vs the old wooden tank ones atop almost every building in NYC .. okay, not almost but really a lot .. really ..


The Mary Margaret is legendary, Laurie Ann. Ive seen her lauded way up here in Orland.

Laurie Ann

My podunk town didn't have a proper water tower, but a few surrounding communities did. I was always jealous. We did, however, have a water tank by the railroad tracks (a la Petticoat Junction)on which many people wrote a testament to Mary Margaret O'Shea's sexual prowess.

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