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May 21, 2012


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Oh, it was a big deal, Daryl, but unless you had equipment that could capture images like the one I found for the post, we simply experienced fuzzy-edged shadows and slightly dimmed sunshine.

And you dont remember Shirley McLean, who shows up on mountain tops for major celestial events, and has been everyone from Cleopatra to Ghenghis Khan in past lives? Im sure shes been present for every eclipse thats ever happened!

Daryl aka Big Apple

who is shirley mclean? and you mean this was not a big deal at all? i am so glad because you know if it had been viewable from here, my sky, yes, i think of it as my sky, would have been cloudy, overcast, black, no stars, no nuttin' .. so i am glad it wasnt all that and whipped creme... fresh corn did you say?


Yup - it was a non-event here. The denizens of Casa de Crazy didn't even get a slight dimming of the light...I was too busy cleaning up baby vomit (yay), the Evil Genius was holed up in his room staring at YouTube videos on his iThingy, and Someone was...well, he was up to something, I'm sure.

And we're Pagan. These things are supposed to be a big deal to us.

In my defense, we were just on the line of viewability and probably wouldn't have seen anything anyway.

Isn't "annular" how sugar comes in the bag?

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who may actually be about to think of considering the possibility of maybe finally getting abck into the blue nowhere and even blogging regularly again. Gawds, how I miss you!)

Marcy Massura

My god. I love your writing.

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