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April 16, 2012


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Boy, I hear you, Meg. We get most of our yearly rain in January and February, and we got almost NONE this year. March rallied, and April too, so were breathing easier, but were not out of the woods. Its all about the snow pack in these mountains that surround us, and ask any skier what the California snow has been like this year, ACK. Hope you get a torrent!

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

It isn't so great to be a duck in April if you and your duck family live in Maryland; we are dying for rain here! Supposedly we will get some today; fingers crossed. We are still skittish here when it gets too dry.


I do love our visiting ducks, Ron. Just wish we had a real pond so theyd stay longer!

Audubon Ron

A friend of ducks is a friend of mine.


By all means, Gramps -- although I cant imagine the context. Go for it! : )


One of history's great lines----"THEY'RE PRACTICING TO BE COWS"

May I use it some time?

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