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April 30, 2012


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I wish I had thought of that, 40Candles . . . I may have to follow Lewis Black to find out. Rats. Thanks for commenting!


This is too funny! I had no idea God had Twitter peers. Does Lewis Black have God listed as his Twitter peer?


God may be onto something, Meg. Perhaps theres more to Justin Bieber than just hair and OH GAHHH I CANNOT FINISH THIS SENTEN--

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

God follows Beebs? Isn't he, like, so 2 years ago? Beebs, I mean. Not God. God is eternal.


Ill find a good shady place to stand in case that happens, Ron -- thanks!


Oh, of course I had to follow your link, Daryl, and was delighted to read the names: God, God, Faith in God, Gods Daily Love, God, Ricky Gervais, Praise God . . .

Audubon Ron

"I wonder . . . if I had prayed to North Korea, would I have gotten bigger boobs? It's worth finding out."

Let's hope. It's either that or you get turned into a pile of salt.

Daryl aka Big Apple

had to go, of course, to Twitter and search for god (hell this is the closest to worship I've been in .. well .. forever .. except when I thought I lost that ring and prayed ... yeah, good times) anyway .. it seems your god has competition (isnt it always the way?) .. check it out


Daryl aka Big Apple

you are so lucky, missy, that I was not drinking anything when I read this .. as it is, everyone in my office thinks I am insane .. sitting here laughing my flat Jewish ass off

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