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April 13, 2012


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And then I put it on the Internet for all the world to read. : )

Cactus Petunia

my grandma always warned me about wearing tattered underwear because think of how embarrassed you would be if you got into an accident and the paramedics had to cut off your clothes and there would be your shameful secret for all to see

ok my grandma was born in like 1895 so she was kinda prim about stuff like that

just glad you survived that episode with your reputation intact


And thats why theyre so necessary (for me) once in a while. Empties the brain.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

I almost went no-punctuation for my post last night, but then it got too long, so I had to punctuate. But when it was in my head, there was none.

Suburban Kamikaze

another fashion trend launched



oh my ..


you should be their PR person Miss Faux and thanks as always for reading my crap good friend

here ends the no punctuation for the month as it tires me out trying not to do a Throw Mama From The Train A Kiss construction


there was an exotic lingerie store near our house that recently burned down i wanted to see a fire-sale sign stating dirty panties now half off

thanks for forcing me into a no punctuation comment my friend

nice post


And to think I have a lingerie-creating dog right here, and all I have to do is ignore him for a while and not put the laundry away!

Rick's Cafe

They pay big money for that type of clothing at Fredrick's

Britton Minor

The dog moonlights at Victoria's Secret

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