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March 09, 2012


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SO glad no one was hurt ..


Rick, there are control burns all the time, though small, and most of the farms around here are 20 acres or more, not 2000! (My parents ranch is 70 acres.) Berry bushes follow water sources, which mean they grow from one ranch to another along the drainage ditch. Most people are very careful with fire, but some of the newcomers have to learn the hard way.

Rick's Cafe

Yet another difference between farms in the Midwest and the West. Here, we intentionally burn our fence rows ever now and then, all to achieve the same results you've realized (reclaim unused land, removal of varmit habitat, etc). But generally, it's a "planned" event giving the neighbors plenty of time to move their equipment out of danger :)


It was all the work of the fire fighters, Britton. And the fact that the wind was minimal.

Britton Minor

Oh no...so sorry. Happy everyone is safe and that your losses were limited by quick thinking and acting.


Gina, did the phone call last 45 minutes and wander from the subjects of sheep size to baseball to YOUR WHOLE LIFE? Because if it did, it probably wasnt a dream. : )

Gina Benson

very scary Laurie, and weird because I had this random dream that I talked to your dad on the phone the other day and Rob was in the background.
hum! glad all is okay.

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

That is all too familiar to me; one year ago I was posting the same kinds of pictures. ACK. glad all is well, if a bit crispy.


Oh, Im completely fine, Miz Wreke. All I did was show the firemen where to cross the ditch and hold the gate for them. I felt like Lassie. Whats that, Girl? You say Timmy fell in the well?


yikes!!! glad you are okay!!!!

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