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March 26, 2012


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Fawn T. Butts

Cute! The pics are great, the story is truly awesome too)) Thanks a lot for sharing, I really liked it!


Daryl, she would almost have to! Seriously, its not as bad as the media (and Yours Truly) made it sound, but it does seem a bit icky.


Thanks CBW, but I actually pulled on Chass rubber boots to go out there. Weve had tons of rain, so I needed boots, but DANG I forgot why I hate them so. My socks end up in a wad at the toe, my exposed heels chafe against the boot, and Im a Crabby Sally until I get home. Crocs with socks are MUCH better.


HA! Ron, was it Louie Cairos in Williams? I hear they have good placent-- I mean, polenta. And the equipment is the neighbors, exposed after the fire in the berry bushes. I preferred the view before, but it wasnt up to me!


Thanks, Gramps -- Im not so big on placentas, either, so Im very grateful for scavengers, who ARE.


Thanks Britton, but the January Jones connection was a gift from the Blog Gods -- I just hooked them together. : )


Does January serve them with a nice Chianti?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Your cattle posts are right up there with Bossy's Barbie posts. Hilarious.

Inquiring minds want to know: Were any high heels harmed in the making of this wonderful post?

Audubon Ron

I took my redneck neighbor to Arbuckle to play golf and after we ate at an Italian restaurant. “Dang,” he said, “This is good.” I said, “That’s polenta.” He said, “Yeah, this placenta is good.”

PG&E surely has a lot of equipment parked in your backyard.


I'm not big on placentas and all that stuff. But this was a pretty good one (Post, that is)

Britton Minor

Only you can make placentas funny! Seriously adorable newbies, and that fox---sly little, cute little thing.

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