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October 31, 2011


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Very true, Beej. Although shes an easy target for jokes once in a while.  : )


It would be impossible for me to overstate how much I wish this person would just go away forever. Not die, necessarily, just...disappear. Without anyone noticing or ever talking about her again.

Rick's Cafe

Aren't men susposed to propose to a woman before they get naked together? ....and then, does the divorce mean they just finally got dressed?


HA! You got me, Gramps -- I wasnt thinking.  ; )


The use of Kim Kardashian and mind in the same sentence is weird


If I were the guests Id sue for my toaster cozies back, Daryl!  ; )


Oh I guess he didnt get her enough attention and that overblown wedding was so yesterday .. do they have to return all the gifts?

Chesapeake Bay Woman


I don't watch any of this stuff because I'm addicted to the internet, thank you very much. But I've seen enough of the promos to know that there's nothing meaningful or even remotely real about this person's so-called reality.

This "news", which my boss was watching intently on Faux News on his desktop, caused him to spring up out of his chair and announce the "breaking news" to his staff. (This is the same man who cannot make time for polite chit chat - all business, no fun.)

I'm not sure which was more disturbing. The fact that this story is in the news or that he cared that much about it to get up and announce it to everyone.


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