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October 21, 2011


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If someone would hire me as a travel writer, Id do it, Gramps. Actually, my brother used to do adventure travel and write about it. But I wouldnt jump out of a perfectly good airplane for anybody, so that probably rules me out. Nice to hear from you, Gramps!


You could be a travel writer
You sold me on this trip!!!


Ever make it up to Manton, Ron? The road northeast out of Red Bluff? I love it up there. Its a lot like the Gold Country.

Audubon Ron



Its a very recent wine area, phd -- great for pinot noir and sauvignon blanc, apparently. Suddenly the scrub oak, dry grass and manzanita have to share space with cash crops. LEGAL cash crops, that is. Thanks for reading!

phd in yogurtry

"an hour drive northeast, to... the Sierra Nevada Mountains"

Omg - so beautiful. And the grapes, they are so dark and lucious. What a nice treat to have that so close by. I'm not a big wine drinker but I am a big nature lover.

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