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October 17, 2011


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Ive been trying to do that, Rick. All this time I mustve been hitting the snooze.

Rick's Cafe

Guess you need to hit that re-set button and start life all over again this time specializing in just one thing that way you can compare which life you like best


I would, too, Ron.  ; )

Audubon Ron

I'm here in support. But me mention anything in the way of advice, NOT ME. B/c right now I think you'd be good at reaching through this computer screen, snatching me off the couch and stuffing me in a modem.


seems as if you excel at not using punctuation and I too suck at math if its more than 20 I am truly in trouble because I have but 10 fingers and toes which to count on with I was going to use a slash and then considered a parenthesis but realized even with my lack of talent in parsing sentences that they are indeed punctuation


s m i l e

boB Cleveland

theres a lot to be said for cheap annoyances
I rather like them myself

like this one girl i recall from high school that

i probably should not go down that road

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