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September 15, 2011


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I did have Class IV cervical cancer at a young age..., I never had a shot. They weren't invented.

Rick's Cafe

Ya know....after Palin becomes president AND keeps the Snitch Site that Obama started, I'm going to have to report you!


ROFLMBO....you silly.

Bachmann makes me cringe and want to smack her.

She is a robot.

BTW, I never had a shot. They weren't invented. I did have Class IV cervical cancer at a young age. This does not mean I had many partners LOL (will never tell) and I had a cone biopsy (remove part of cervix) and no problems since.

I know TMI for a cartoon and Friday!!!

Daryl aka Big Apple

OMG.. this made me SCREAM at the TV .. the woman is beyond stupid and without checking the facts she passes this info along to reporters.. I think she and Palin need a talk show on Fox so they can together spread all the insanity all the rumors and nonsense in one place. Read Gail Collins op ed piece in the NY Times yesterday. GAH.


Ah yes, you will probably get some kickback on this one. Not much sense of humor on that side.

Audubon Ron

And here I've blamed the nuns all these years for my craziness. I got a bad HPV.

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