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August 25, 2011


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Never heard of it, but now I have to find it. Thanks Daryl!


go to NetFlix ... watch Men With Brooms


Its crazy, Jason. I heard those Canadians are even starting to have miniature bull bullfights on ice! Which, I would pay to see, of course. Im not THAT proud.  ; )


Oh, this is horrible. I had no idea such awful things happened up there.


Oh, Ron, I'm absolutely certain you can! : )

Audubon Ron

I'm stumped. I can't top this. :)


Your comments here are moose welcome, Mssr. Pierre.  ; )

Pierre Lafrance

I think it's high time that the UN steps in and issues some sort of sternly worded warning to Canada, or hold a vote to censure, or at least have all the UN representatives moon, en masse, the Canada representative at the next plenary session. In other words, make a strong statement. At first, it was Canada's disgraceful national obsession with beavers. And now this. The line must be drawn somewhere. The civilized world is not poutine up with this nonsense anymore.


At least they stopped with the porcupines, CBW. NO ONE liked that.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Damn those curling, lap-giraffe abusing Canadians! The humanity.

p.s. No offense to Canadians or curlers. But please don't hurt the lap giraffes.


Another industrial designer who shouldve done 10 years hard labor, boB.

boB Cleveland

Not near as bad as the Kangaroo, though. I mean, can you imagine being a Kangaroo mommy on a rainy day .. when the kids want to play indoors?


Youd be a High Priestess in Fooleryland, Marcy, if we had cathedrals in Fooleryland, which we dont. Maybe youd settle for just plain HIGH?  ; )


Someone dropped the ball in RD when the giraffe was in the design stages, boB.

Marcy Massura


I love Fooleryland. The only place I feel normal.

boB Cleveland

Did you know that the giraffe's neck, although long, is not long enough to reach the ground? They have to sort of kneel, like in the picture.

Which is how we'd kneel if our knees were sideways (but chairs would look really strange).

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