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August 08, 2011


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Cactus Petunia

Before you know it, Mean Chicken will have her own network. And magazine. And book club...today Orland, tomorrow the world!!


Kathi, fry-ers were not meant to be fly-ers.


Gramps, no sudden moves.


Our cute new hens had the habit of flying over the fence, too. Until the day that one of them flew into the waiting jaws of our cute dogs. And then we had a wing-clipping party.

There wasn't enough left to bread and fry, unfortunately. But the dogs seemed to enjoy it.


Fair Oaks isn't that far away. I'm closing all the windows at night!!!!!!!!!!!!



Oh, if you only knew how little time I actually put into these things, Daryl. Took more time finding the photos than anything else.  : )


I am thinking you may have too much free time ... I am also glad I wasnt about to drink anything as I scrolled down to see OprahChickenHands

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