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July 08, 2011


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Ooh, you are so good at this.


Ha ha -- by your logic, Daryl, you would not be funny at all, you sveldt thing, and we know THATS not true.  : )


Sarah's gotten thin, so is she still funny? I often wonder if the funny gene and the overweight gene are connected .. via the hip bone maybe?

Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

Another dead ringer!


Perfect match! I loved her sitcom...though can't remember the name of it now. They both have that vavoom quality!


Im guessing you did better than Burl Ives.

boB Cleveland

That's me. Snarky wit. Unfortunately, it didn't get me many dates in high school.



Also, boB? They didnt have your snark and wit. And they certainly dont now.  : )

boB Cleveland

I have a couple perfect ones to play me. William Conrad but he'd have to grow a beard and he died in 1994.

Or Burl Ives but his hair was the wrong color. And he died in 1995.

Just my luck (which is better than theirs, at present).


You are entirely welcome!

Marcy Massura

Hysterical. I adore her. Even though she went and got all skinny....

A huge honor to make it on Foolery blog today. THANK YOU!

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