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July 26, 2011


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Gramps, you had me at AND. And, and, and. Ill be over in 20 minutes.  ; )


PS----love the picture of you this week


Only thing better than peanut M&Ms is Almond M&Ms---and Margaritas----or cold beer-----and ice cream---lots of ice cream


I knew I liked you, Ron.  : )

Audubon Ron

Peanut M&Ms are a food group. They're my fav.


Dont bogart the MMs, Daryl.  ; )


Pass the M&Ms ...


I was pretty much lying about the salad.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Makes perfect sense to me. All except that salad part.


Ha ha -- no salmonella for this girl, Rick! Its an all-Twinkie diet from now on!  ; )

Rick's Cafe

Fruit juice in the Margarita is good stuff and we all know the health benifits of dark choclate and peanuts. So, except for missing the cow/pig for balance, it's a very healthy meal! I'd lose the salad though, that stuff has bugs in it and is often recalled due to contamination.

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