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July 05, 2011


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Meg @ Soup Is Not A Finger Food

I couldn't have said it better myself, Kyddryn.


Oooooh, I like that!

phd in yogurtry

Or confined in a cell with a 15 inch television that plays nothing but repeat footage of their own tabloid stories.


Daryl, I actually dont blame the jury. I didnt follow the case much so I dont know what they were presented with. Im guessing they erred on the side of caution, if they erred in their judgement, but since I didnt follow the prosecutions case I really dont know. And Id rather have a jury free a guilty person that lock up an innocent one.

What I believe down to my shoes (based on what I read of her many possible defenses) is that Anthony is a liar and is guilty of the crime -- the same that I believe of OJ and van der Sloot. They deserve each other, and Ill even buy them some pointy implements to clean in their 5 X 5 communal cell.  ; )


I think in this instance there's room for debate ... for me it was a good verdict because it followed the law as it was presented to the jurors ... there was no proof, no physical proof/evidence to connect her to the death of her child ... yes, I agree she is a liar and likely knows the truth, the real truth about what happened and its also likely we will never know it.

In the other instances - OJ and that asshat van der Sloot - well we'll also never get the truth from van der Sloot .. and OJ managed to get himself lawyers who played the law to their advantage which certainly cannot be said about the lawyers Ms Anthony had.


That is just about how I feel, Miss Kyddryn. And Im adding to the list of people for whom I feel very bad: 12 jurors who did their best, most likely, and who will forever be defensive and sad about 2011.

Thanks for weighing in, my dear.  : )

~ Laurie


I have studiously avoided all coverage of the trial...life is difficult enough without hearing/seeing/reading about cruelty and injustice. All I care to say/feel about the case is this: I hope the child's spirit rests peacefully, and that whoever is responsible for cutting short a young life rests on a bed of angry, hungry, vengeful fire ants for the rest of their natural life, and beyond.

Shade and Sweetwater,

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