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April 06, 2011


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Ya mon.  : )

Chesapeake Bay Woman

SomeTHING, not someone. Although I am sure you could grow someone illegally too.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

HA! Too funny.

REminds me of running into an old high school friend of mine here in Mathews. She lived less than a mile from me growing up. Hadn't seen her since high school until I ran into her at the local 7-11 where she was working as a cashier. When I spoke to her, she carried on a brief conversation ..with a Jamaican accent.

As you know, we don't grow Jamaican accents around here, but that day I wondered if maybe there wasn't someone growing illegally in one of the cornfields becuase something was definitely fishy in the state of Mathews.

Tracey of These Nine Acres

Go with the gut...Wow. Just wow.

Britton Minor

If only I would have followed more of my instincts MUCH earlier!



noe noe girl

first instincts are always the best!

Laurie ann

Solid advice, always

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