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April 11, 2011


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This is amazing. Great imagery and character description.

Rick's Cafe

Would like to see how you develop this (these) characters.


Thanks so much, Deb -- means a lot!

San Diego Momma

Well darnit, I just KNEW your fiction would be as good as everything else you write.

I would love to see more of this story. Maybe next time the fiction fairy comes to town?

And by the way...this was GOOD. Did I say that already.

Fuck it.


Thank you, Sher. The Fiction Muse shows up about once a year for half an hour. At least I wasnt in the bathroom when she showed up.


fret not about f bombs. very evocative. keep writing, madame.


Thanks, Daryl.  : )


Do not ever apologize, do not ever pander to the lowest common demoninator.. its your words, its your story .. fuck 'em if they dont like it .. or maybe she types less aggressively put a 'Rated PG' at the top so as to alert those with sensitive eyes


HA! Now I KNOW I wouldnt wanna mess with YOU, Miss Debbie! Thanks for reading.  : )


Thanks very much, Miz Petunia. Sorry about the f-bomb to all who read; I couldnt drop it and I couldnt obscure it without ruining the ending. I wont do it again.  : )



Well,these youngins gotta learn somehow. About ready to put a boot around my son's neck!

Cactus Petunia

Whoa. That one sent shivers up my spine. (Mostly because of the dog part) You go, girl!

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