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April 13, 2011


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Suburban Kamikaze

A nice bit of poetry if not parenting



My age and English Mother upbringing prohibits me from commenting on knob twisting

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Ants I can't talk about those and there seems to be a whole lot of knob twiddlin' goin' on here thanks for the laughter and the freedom to avoid punctuation it's great except i just realized i had to use apostrophes sorry 'bout that

good stuff here ms foolery


Rick, youre a band teacher, arent you?

: )

Rick's Cafe

"They've" got you right where they want you now!!! Bwaahhaaaaa.
Do you really think that the voice of one adult (even female) could faze the composure of a man who deals with children abusing instruments to the point they can no longer be called musical?
Or even the "back to school night" where the parents get to tag-team against the mean, inconsiderate and obviously tone deaf teacher that won't let their child prodigy solo....or even get a passing grade?
Nope, the next time you have a discussion with this teacher that involves anything but giving him lots or money, time or both....he'll look thoughfully into your eyes and ask.... "How's that leg?" ....and you'll open up your checkbook quicker that a teenager opens a date's (edit, edit) at a drive-in-movie :)


Oh GAHHHHHH I love you all
alla youse guys
And some day I will tell you what I know of Eunice Flabbea
though I will need help from a couple of journo-type friends
I am looking at YOU Gubby
and Brian
and Kevin
and Pho
and Mantel Man I had no idea you knew about Eunice
Did you twiddle Eunices knobs once without telling me
Love from Laurie


I am so glad I didnt read this whilst drinking or swallowing because I laughed so out loud I am sure yes I am I am sure I would have done the exact same thing but I would have cried and I would have had a hematoma and needed massive amounts of pain meds yes I would and I dont even know Eunice Flabbea but I am in love with her name so who cares


Oh, yeah, Eunice, we've all been there. I totally needed some laugh-out-loud funny this morning - thank you for that. Oh, and sorry 'bout your shin. And your mortification.

Mantel Man

I think you may need to switch to decaf and I would like to find a syrupy band teacher and twiddle her knobs and by the way you probably need to explain to your readers just who the hell Eunice Flabbea is but only after the crystal meth wears off and also do not tell them I know who she is cause its embarrassing

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