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March 13, 2011


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I believe they are related, but I speak only minimal Toon. Rask Rhaggy, Rick.

Rick's Cafe

Just wondering if Scooby and Astro are, if not realated, from the same part of the country...they sound like they have the same accent. :)


I forgot about Sonny and Cher! Was she in her Halfbreed costume? I already know how wide Sonnys bell bottoms were.

Im guessing they needed a LOT of Scooby Snacks. Thanks for reading, Cheesecake Bait Woman!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I particularly loved the celebrity Scooby Doos. Sonny and Cher on Scooby Doo? What you talkin' 'bout. That was quality entertainment there.

Jinkies. Zoinks. Scooby snacks. The mystery van. What's not to love?


If you knew how many months -- not exaggerating, MONTHS -- Ive been working on this a little at a time, Mantel Man, youd lose all . . . youd lose any . . . respect for me . . . wait . . . never mind.

Mantel Man

Don't you have any work to do? Sheesh.

Pretty funny! I remember tiring of Scooby pretty quickly, since all their episodes started to seem the same. However, I do remember one silly line, uttered just before a demon / monster / ghost / criminal sneaked up behind Shaggy:



Heather, tell your father that I originally thought Fred might be Ryan Seacrest, but now Im pretty sure its That Other Guy.

Audubon Ron

I was never a user.


Daryl, I missed the whole Soupy Sales kids show years, but it may also have something to do with our limited TV coverage out here in the sticks in the 60s-70s. I think I remember Soupy from game shows, though, because I certainly remember his laugh and Mod Guy Hair.  ; )


boB, you were spared a world of pain. Next time I may review the Banana Splits or Sigmund and the Sea Monsters., so be ready.


Jamie, the show always reminded me of the Nancy Drew books, which I LOVED. Mysteries were awesome, even if they were so absurd even kids rolled their eyes.  ; )


Meg, we watched whatever came on CBS and ABC. Those and PBS were our only options. I admit I was a cartoon ho -- watching whatever I could, even if it was substandard. But I will always have a soft spot for The Meddling Kids.


Ummm...will you kick me out of Fooleryland if I admit that I didn't care for Scooby Doo? I may have watched two episodes, and those only under duress. I don't know why, but it irritated me - probaby a sign that I was a deeply disturbed child.

Shade and Sweetwater,


I can honestly say I never ever saw/knew anything about Scooby ... but oh boy did I know Soupy Sales .. did you?

boB Cleveland

I was already an adult when Scooby Doo came on. Thankfully. The kids talked about it but whoever pays attention to their kids.

Oh, and good luck on getting through to MY mother.


LOL My parents still LOVE scooby doo, and my German father will be thrilled to hear what Fred has REALLY been up to!

Deltaville Jamie

OMG! I LOVE Scooby Doo... the original paranormal investigation team. In fact, I'd make Becky Shaw look like a mere amateur fan.


"...Edema prone Daphne." *snort*

I watched a good bit of Scooby Doo, but I watched far more Flintstones and Brady Bunch. But I will tell you, I have crystal-clear memories of Becky Shaw in elementary school and her metal Scooby Doo lunchbox that she toted to school every single day. She was OBSESSED!

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