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March 27, 2011


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Watch movies online

Awesome! I really think that these short videos are lovely... in a strange way it really touches you... have you thought about editing all the short videos to a long movie? like a collage of the best scenes ?

Lance Hill

Judo was so addicted to the laser light that he would finish his dinner then come into the living room and stare at me until I pulled the laser light out. If I hid it from him, he would hunt for it until he found it. Then he was like a pointer. "there it is, I found it, now lets PLAY!". Animals - they are here for our enjoyment.


I think around minute 3 I threw up .. Rilo is merely trying to spare Wally the embarrassment of playing with a light ... we have a laser pointer we use to torture, er, play with the cats ... but I think I need to videotape Jack chasing his tail because THAT is truly high-lar-ious.

noe noe girl

How fun!! We do that with our cat!

Audubon Ron

Good thing I'm sitting down, I'm dizzy.

Cactus Petunia

Never a dull moment in Fooleryland!


Were evil at heart, we females.

Rick's Cafe

It must be a girl thing...Sparky does the same thing with the light that my daughters do - after getting one animal to chase the light, shine it on the other animal to see if they'll collide. It is pretty funny when it happens!

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