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March 07, 2011


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Cactus Petunia

Love Fooleryland's new citizens!


Thanks Jason! Yes, theyre adorable. Theyre so good at the sad eyes -- Rilo even cocks her head when she want something and youre just not getting her meaning. Theyve added a layer of STUFF to my day, for sure -- but worth it.  : )


I think you could, Marcy. Youre SuperWoman, after all!


They're so cute! They look like a lot of work, too!

I had two beagles when I was a boy. Daisy and Duchess.

Marcy Massura

Very excellent photos. Love them!

And I see how cute they are....but no way would I be able to handle those two. (Not your kids, the dogs. Just in case I wasn't clear)



YES! Up was WONDERFUL, Gramps. As was Wall-E, which is what I call the male dog. In *that* voice.



Isn't "UP" just the greatest movie ever????????


Yeah, well, the poo-picking will commence when the rains stop long enough to dry those suckers out. Right now were just not walking on certain portions of the lawn.  ; )  Thanks Meg!


Oh, dogs, they are such a part of the family. They train us to feed them and pick up their poo and con us into giving them treats and make us take them for walks even when we don't feel like it. I'm glad you're enjoying them!


Welcome to Fooleryland, Leanne -- what kind of puppy are you getting? EXCITING!


Yes, they have piercing barks, Debbie -- Wally is the loudest, but Rilos bark is more sudden and sharp. They dont bark as much now as they did the first few days, but barking is part of the package.

Life just gets bigger and bigger.  ; ) Thanks for reading!


Lovely. Our puppy should arrive in June. I hope he likes the shower too. :)


I adore beagles, but am terrified I'll choose a "barker". I mean a REAL barker. Howler. They are adorable.

That eating their own puke always had me stumped.

Your world is even more exciting now, huh? :)


ha ha ha -- oh man, Ron, Im so glad I didnt read this BEFORE getting the dogs two weeks ago! I am overly familiar with cat puke but had pretty much forgotten the dog variety. Thanks for the laugh . . . and the tears . . .

Audubon Ron

Ditto on Diane. I saw my little dog roll in cow piss. She went straight to the tub. Feet never touched the floors in the house. She smelled like Pantene for awhile.

Hear that in the background? That would be the sound of my washing machine. I got a dog rug in it. Just now, I pulled a cushion back in the dog room and found a dog puke mix of dog food and cat food under the cushion hurled all over the rug underneath.

One of my lovelies went through the trouble of pulling the cushion back to hurl those beets. I was wondering what that smell was for the past couple of days. It wasn't until I saw one of the dogs try and re-eat that pile. I know what the puker was thinking. Shit, I better bury this so daddy doesn't see it or I'm in doggie doo-doo.

Nice, real nice. But, got to love 'em.


Thanks, Diane -- yes, its definitely a world I havent been a part of for years. And even then, the dogs were free-range and not nearly so olfactory-driven. : )


Welcome to the world of dog multi-tasking, where finding it, rolling in it, barking at it, chasing it and getting it washed off of you are shared experiences!

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