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March 25, 2011


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I should have been more clear... I meant "sleep with my husband." Which is why we are preggers with #4 within 4 years. (I think I'm so funny!)


No, not boring, Kara-Noel -- SMART.  : )


Ha!! When my Internet is down (and children don't need tending) I sleep. I'm so boring...


It was like a 43-year fog, Meg. I can see clearly now.


A relative term, Miss Noe Noe.  : )


Oh Raz, Im so sorry. I hear shock therapy works.


Youre all over the Internutz, Ron. Especially one of you pulling The Little Woman by the ponytail.


How did you survive just 2 short years ago without texting??!!

noe noe girl

Well I see you survived! And all is back to "normal" in Fooleryland.


I forgot to take my phone onto campus last week. HELL ON EARTH. I literally just had to READ and TALK TO PEOPLE. Bleh.

Audubon Ron

Question: Where did you find that picture of me with the cell phone?


Ooooh, pretty Facecave cavewoman poke Thag?

Chesapeake Bay Woman

When cave people read things like "want eat-feel like kill something" they laugh like hyenas.



You got it, Pierre, but your pager was off.  : )

Pierre Lafrance

Who says caveman days are over? I never got the memo!


Shhhhhhh, please whisper, Rick! Sparky wants a bulldog and I told her no. With the addition of a new goldfish this week I am up to here [indicates ceiling] with pets.

Rick's Cafe

Thanks Foolery, couldn't have won without your support!!
Bull dogs are pretty cute...I bet a couple of beagles would love to have a puppy :)


Oh, thats GOOD, boB. And I know that if I had had your cell phone number, your text would have made me laugh, too. You always do!

boB Cleveland

I saw a T-Shirt (where else .. at Wal-Mart) that said "The internet was down today so I thought I'd come outside".

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