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March 04, 2011


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Elizabeth J. Blisken

hahahaha I realize now that I was confused. Thanks for that. I was thinking that Charlie had Siamese cat blood, and KaCoffee had some jack russell blood. Now I know!!! You, my friend are nothing short of genius. Love you and let's be blood sisters. Tiger blood sisters!

noe noe girl

AS always you never cease to amaze me! Why is it asses get all the attention??


Amazing ... and in fact these two are like separated at birth morons .. I wonder if Martin knows his wife had twins way back then


I just pray you have a career that FULLY utilizes your talent. Geez Louise, did you nail this or what? Amazing Woman!!

I like Charlie Gadaffi! Damn you're good.

Melanie @ Mel, A Dramatic Mommy

I think both of them are the definition of over the edge!


I think Charlie MEANT to say whatever words accidentally formed on his tongue at warp speed. Mission accomplished. Thanks for reading, Miss K!


Oy vey.

Do they both go to the same styist? And when did their faces start melting off? Is it because of the lights, or is it something endemic to the power-mad??

And Charlie? A warlock is someone who has broken oaths and so has been banished from his or her coven. It is NOT a male witch (who is simply a witch)(don't get me started...) or wizard, and it is NOT an indicator of power or ability. It is NOT a good thing, nor a powerful one. If you're going to use a word, use it right. Unless you MEANT to say you were a lying oath-breaker who was banished from his community...which...umm...well, yeah...

Shade and Sweetwater,
K (who gets a might tetchity over the misuse of language)


CHARDAFI! Love it, Deb -- thanks!

San Diego Momma

Too much goodness here for me to comment wittily.
Your posts are like looking directly into the sun. It's a good thing, but like, TOO GOOD.

That sounds like something Chardafi might say...


My favorite part is that they both use Miss Clairol hair coloring, although Charlies got the color about right. Moammar is stuck in his Goth phase.

Mantel Man

I'm not sure which of them looks like he's taken more drugs. We'll just have to judge by their words - oh, wait, that doesn't help, either.


Havent seen it yet -- thanks for the tip, Gramps!


Moammar Sheen or is it Charlie Gadaffi?/

Charlie Gadaffi has a ring to it

By the way, "Funny or Die" also had a video compilation of these two


Thanks, Cheesecake Bait Woman.  : )

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Your mad casting director (and many other) skillz are shining through and perfectly showcased here.

Magnificent, Ms. Foolery!


Thanks boB.  : )


I hate to admit that I dont know who that is, Rick?

Bob Cleveland

Tiger's blood? TIGER'S BLOOD?

Mix some of HIS blood in here and the earth would probably fall out of orbit or something.

Yup. Surely wood.

VFP (Very Fine Post)

Rick's Cafe

Funny thing, Angus (T.Jones) could be the nephew of either one of these characters.


Thanks Ron!

Audubon Ron

Very good. Nailed it.


Hi Poots and Baby Poots! See you later . . .

Safety Poots


Emily iz in the tub.
Wifey iz at work --- 4 a change
I gotz like 5 minutes
so I can say

I'll be bak later and you needz to kum down to AZ and we par-tay




ha ha ha -- Ill join you, Jane, and nice one!  ; )


Thank you, Annie.  : )


Um, AWESOME!! Sending a link to your blog to everyone I know!!

Cactus Petunia

I truly believe the Earth has been knocked off its axis.
What's next? Tom Cruise declaring himself de facto President?
Mel Gibson joining Hamas?
Sarah Palin starring in her own TV show?
Oh, wait. Hmm....I think I'm gonna start looking for a nice secluded cave to live in until this all blows over.


Very well done...will go back several times to reread...


Thanks, Beej. Sheer Dumb Luck is my middle name(s).


The fingers in the eyes? Sheer genius. (Yours, not theirs)


Slow Panic, I was so confused after a week of futzing with these photos that Im not sure whos who anymore. At least Im pretty sure IM not WINNING, though.

Thanks for coming by!


I KNOW, Holly, right? Thank you!

Slow Panic

Ok. it disturbs me how much they look alike. a m i crazy? well, not crazy like them. but just crazy.


Holy crap. Maybe they are the same person...has anyone seen them together?


Thank you. Youre welcome.

Suburban Kamikaze

Thank you for not making us choose.




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