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March 21, 2011


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Rob Aker

That's funny


Took 4 years of French in HS. Still remember 3 sentences but none of them offer a "You're Welcome"
More twisters in your area yesterday. What the hell have you done to get the Gods so angry?????

Audubon Ron

I can: You're welcome in French. How'd I do?

Kevin (Always Home and Uncool)

The poor French. Will they ever get a break? Or stop pushing snails on us at restuarants?

boB Cleveland

Не за что.

Mantel Man

Technically it's "de rien." The way the French pronounce it, it sounds suspiciously like "derriere." Coincidence?

Grandma J

If you are at a loss, use Spanish.


BillyBob - vous êtes la bienvenue


Up here in deepest Quebec, 'Bienvenue' does the trick.

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