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February 07, 2011


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Marcy Massura

I see the makings of a great bumpersticker designer! Congrats!

(Please frame this. Please)


Every rose has its thorn... Just like every night has its dawn... Where's my Bic lighter???

Mental P Mama

LOL...an apple falling off the tree....:)


All I'm saying is Smedley is a genius. GENIUS.


I heard that quote yesterday and can't remember where. I remember thinking, I have to remember that! LOL!! So funny that you posted this today! Your kids are smart!! watch out! It is a good lesson to learn young. Keeps them from getting too disappointed.


Dogs are indeed heaven. Paddling around up to my knees in puppy pee? Not so much.


Too smart .. watch out, soon she'll be writing manifestos

boB Cleveland

Your kids write you notes?


ps: Here's hoping she meant "66" and not "666"...

Rick's Cafe

A happy face with a peace sign? Nice touch!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Brilliant. She's a genius, I tell you. Way ahead of her time.

(I might not agree with her assessment that dogs are heaven, but still.)

Genius, I tell you. Sheer genius.

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