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February 24, 2011


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Thanks Ron -- its going to be challenging but so worth it.  : )

Audubon Ron

Great dogs. They will work.


I am. They are. We are. Thanks, Marcy!

Marcy Massura

Congrats! Had I known I could have thrown you a baby shower...I didn't even know you were expecting. AND TWINS?

They are adorable. And you look deliciously happy in these photos.


Chesapeake Bay Woman

Gustav wants to know if your dogs are on Facebook. If they are, he'd like you (his Facebook genius) to pencil in some earphones over his profile photo to handle what he perceives to be some pretty irritating barking.

Geese. Can't take 'em out. Can't shoot 'em.



They are cuties, yes they are!!

Laurie Ann

I lived around the bend from a Beagle breeder back in Pennsyltucky. It was located on Beagle Run Road. At night, you could hear them howling. It was eerie.

But, I do love beagles.


ha ha ha  -- touché, Master boB.  ; )

boB Cleveland

There's going to have to be some adjusting to the howling and barking at night, but I'm sure the dogs will be able to make the adjustment OK.


Thanks Jamie!


Actually, Rick, Wally is only about 22 pounds; Rilo is taller but lighter at 18 or so. They have 1/8 dachshund in them, which makes Wally SHORT and Rilo thin-faced. Rilo is female and she seems to call the shots. Having a lot of fun with them.


Congrats on the new additions! They are cuties.

Rick's Cafe

Wally is hugh...or maybe it's the camera lens. Rollo looks like he's got part imp in him, causing him to want to do alot of 'investigating'.

gotta love free popcorn!

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