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February 25, 2011


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We in DC used up all of the nation's snow last February. Sorry there was none left over for you this year. Our bad.


Yes please!


We've had thundersnow here three times this winter. Would you like some of that?


What would the weathermen do if it werent for days like that to keep us all hanging on their every word? Gramps, we still have snow/hail (SNAIL) on the ground. Bitter cold north wind but not a cloud in the sky, so no tornadoes for us. Next week? Shorts weather, almost guaranteed.


Oh yeah---no dogs today????? Jeeze!!!!!


Yeah---but here in Sacatomatoes it rained like hell, hailed and we even had a funnel cloud that did a little damage but was reported multiple times on every TV channel forever.


Hey ThatGirl . . . well, I need to update this post: we actually got hail, then snow, yesterday afternoon at my house. My kids took a movie but I havent seen it yet. Brilliant sunshine today but a hard freeze tonight. Cover your plants and hope you get at least a dusting! And thanks for stopping by.  : )

Mental P Mama

Be careful what you wish for. With bad bated breath.....

Audubon Ron

Bummiere' <- Maybe French for Bummer.


I am in Clayton (Walnut Creek) and we have also been made fools of... except they say maybe it will come in the middle of the night. Holding breath.


Hypothetically, of course, it would be hilarious, but not easy -- Mr. Watts is pretty tech-savvy. Also? Illegal. Hypothetically speaking.

Rick's Cafe

I suspose it wouldn't be funny or ironic if someone hacked into Mr.Watt's computer feed to exchange vid and data from northern CA with, say .... a feed picturing northern Canada. Nahhhh.

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