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February 02, 2011


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For my first official act, I declare Suburban Kamikaze exempt from wearing the Snood! Im easy that way.

Oh, by the way [whistling now] . . . did you perhaps say something about margaritas?

Suburban Kamikaze

I would like to apply, but I don't look good in a snood. Are there any exemptions to this policy? You should know, I make an excellent Margarita.



High praise indeed from the High Priestess of Comedy.  : )

Marcy Massura

I can't even breathe. This is comedy at its highest.

A Fooltard

Mantel Man

An application to Uniland? Great - it'll be reviewed by Immigration Director Desmond Tutu.

Forget it - I'll move to Popland instead. The food is better there.


Mantel Man, Im way ahead of you. I sent you an INS application to Uniland.

Mantel Man

You're fixin' to have a BIG illegal immigration problem - mainly because of the required snoods.

I'll try to gain citizenship in Leoland instead. Wait, that's no good either - I'm uncomfortable in the presence of Leotards.

boB Cleveland

Yeah but just think about how good all the Fooleryland ladies' skin would look, compared to Buzzardskin.

And, besides, Buzzard skin is apparently attractive to Buzzards. They DO keep reproducing, you know.



Silk Snuggies it is, Daryl.


I knew I could count on you, Little Debbie. Ill bring the handy wipes.


Good thinking about turkeys, boB. But the jury is still out on buzzards. Have you seen their facial skin? *shudder*


I vote for static cling to be eliminated from the snugglies or I wont wear one .. so there


Heard "Little Debbie" mentioned, so I ran right over. I'll be delivering the goodies so I should get a pass.

Best laugh I've had all week!!!

boB Cleveland

You need a National Bird. I nominate the Buzzard.

I would have nominated the turkey, but that might lead to confusion with the citizenry.


Yes, of course -- a Snuggie! with hamsters hanging from the cowl. And a snood, of course.


Unlimited Sock Fuzz! Thats the name of the official Fooleryland band!


Oh my LAWD. Fooltards? Little Debbie Swiss Cake Rolls? I'm laughing so hard I'm shooting Shiraz out of my nostrils!! Makes for a messy keyboard.

Regarding the long robe? I think a Snuggie would do in a pinch.


If only I were qualified. *My Chihuahua has no snood.

*this passphrase will get you unlimited sock fuzz in the house of asthmagirl.


Snow what now?

Rick's Cafe

You guys are having wayyyy too much fun on these snow days - I LOVE it!!

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