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January 17, 2011


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In space they have computers for that kind of stuff, Jane. Theyre all, Whatre you doing, Dave? Oh yeah, Dave -- do that again, Dave!  ; )

Sorry for that image, Miss Petunia. I will go wash my mind out with soap now.

Cactus Petunia

Maybe Sting is Dr. Smith's illegitimate long lost son.

Oh wait. Can that work if Dr. Smith was asexual?


Ayup, I can see that...


Good call. (Although I'm thinking the robot just goosed him in that shot!)


Now I need counseling. I was pretty sure that Dr. Smith was asexual. Now theres not enough red wine in the world to get me past the images in my head.  : )

Mental P Mama

I'm wondering if Dr. Smith practiced all that tantric stuff.... Kinda makes sense how they were all so happy out there wandering around....

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