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January 24, 2011


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Yes, and from that gene pool of questionable origin sprang Mantel Man, foolery and others with even WORSE starter kits, ha ha.

Mantel Man

I remember hearing this story from Mormor when we were little, but I sure don't remember the part about the boss tying off the handbrake for a downhill run on a curvy track!

I can just picture the next day's news headline:


Cactus Petunia

Yay! Mormor's back!


Thanks, Miss Debbie.  : )

San Diego Momma

The Mormor stories are MY FAVORITE!


And this one? Ranks up there. So much drama, history and good old-fashioned awesomeness.

LOVE. IT. I see that writing runs in the family.


Rick, I mostly agree! Of course, ALL of them, boss and Papa included, deserved dope slaps for speeding through a S curve over a trestle. Thats a bonehead move they lived to avoid another day. Thanks for reading, my friend!


Rick's Cafe

Such a great reminder (in a funny way) of the change in peoples attitudes from then to today.
I'm sure everyone can imagine what a different path this story would take if it was their current day boss running the hand cart with them helping out.

Personally, I think I kinda like the old attitudes a bit better.....people were responsible for their own actions.


Youre it, Daryl -- start now. For your own posterity.  : )


I love family histories .. I wish someone in my family had kept track ... no pun intended


Thanks, Steph -- never thought of that possibility, but yeah, youre probably right. It must have been a miserable train ride home.  : )


I, too, LOVE Mormor stories. I love them. And HOLY CRAP, I'm glad no one got hurt, but I bet there were some messy drawers that Mormor left out. Hee.


Thanks, Beej -- Ill bet the guys were glad it was their BOSS who tied up the brake, and not them!



I LOVE Mormor stories!!! This one's a doozy!

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