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January 15, 2011


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Thanks, Marcy. Just called Smed over to read all of the comments, and shes very pleased. So am I. Leeeeetle bit proud of her this week (and always).

Marcy Massura

This was so touching to me. Simple and lovely and just a nice reflection of who she is becoming. She appreciates where she lives, the sky, the sun, and the venus.

Well done. Smed. Well done.


That was super, super cool! Even though now I'm a little bit woozy...

My son and his friends make these really awesome skateboarding movies - I never get tired of watching the world through the kids' eyes.


Im pretty certain there will be more, and it will show the seamy underbelly of Fooleryland. Which I will, of course, DESTROY.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Bravo! We want more!


Now THAT is a great reason to miss the bus.


Smedley Spielberg has a nice ring to it...

So sweet and I love the music! The Editor didn't do too bad a job either LOL


Thanks, Kit! I think you should. I think I should get Smedley a monopod for the next one, ha ha ha. Thanks for reading (and viewing) everyone!


This is so much nicer than the little movies my 5 and 7 year old boys make. Perhaps you can imagine why. (their taste in subject matter leaves a little to be desired.)

So peaceful, so nice. Well done, Smed (and editor). And I adore Nick Drake.

Makes me want to make a little 360 degree movie of my own, to show my corner of the world.

Rick's Cafe

Brings a tear to my eye.... (that's a good thing Smed)


Oh GAHHHHHHH -- it was the middle of the night! I need to fix that. Crap. Thanks for the heads up, Laurie Ann! ha ha ha ha ha ha, what an idiot I am.  : )


Laurie Ann

Beautiful! And boy, am I glad it was Nick Drake, and not Nick Cave, because that would have been a whole different film. (Maybe for her teen angst years).


I pretty much love everything about this. The colors, the music, the fact that the two of you did it together. Love, love, LOVE.

Also, I want to live in the country now.

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