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January 27, 2011


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I KNOW! Farcebook blows sometimes. But then again . . . *sigh*.   ; )


And the worst part of it is that there is now no way to delete those suggestions! They just STAY there on that page and taunt you every time you look at the page to see if by some chance you really need any more bad pennies from the past!


I know Jarvis's girlfriend, no, not his wife, his girlfriend .. she keeps turning up on blogs across the Blister range ... wonky tooth and all.

Mantel Man

Oh, come on - NOTHING is funnier to the British than to Americans. Not even Monty Python.

"It must be terrible, being a professional killer with colitis. They must hear you coming!"


Oh, thats FUNNY, MZ. Funnier still to the British, Im sure.  : )

Thanks for the laugh! -- Laurie


Some dude named Randy Woody (I"m not kidding, but I think he might be.) keeps turning up as a "person I may know" on Facebook. I'll be he wears a codpiece, too.

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