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January 04, 2011


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This is great! I had a somewhat lesser experience, during the years my mom was the president of the school board. Also, not for nothing, but in our small town, I had lots of relatives, and a couple of them were lunch ladies!


Loved the "punishments", especially the BANG.

Can you imagine how today's kids would react? Might be worth giving it a try. Oh no, excuse me...it wouldn't be PC and they can't have a gun of any kind at school. Oh, well they could sit on lap...oh no. That wouldn't work. Sexual abuse. Well dang it.

noe noe girl

Papa was no joke!


Thanks for reading and commenting, all of you! It's always the best part of my day. : )

-- Laurie

Tracey of These Nine Acres

What a great family legacy! I cracked up reading this. xoxo

Chesapeake Bay Woman

How in the world he thought up that water pistol punishment is beyond me, but being exceedingly clever seems to run in the Foolery Family - deep.


Im pretty sure you need to write all of those up for us, boB.

boB Cleveland

My stories don't get any funnier than my Grandfather's brother marrying my grandfather's widow, or my somewhat unusual uncle who bought 2 dozen bottles of maraschino cherries, being on a dime each, and then ate them all with a pickle fork.

Or maybe my aunt who saved her farmer-husband's life by staving off an angry bull by beating it on the nose with the butt of a shotgun.

And maybe I'm forgetting Grandma's bouncing lemon pie. And even the torn bathrobe and the meter reader.

Whoops .. Dad, the elctric shaver, the milkman and mom.



You have the best family stories ever. I think I was shafted when it came to this circumstance.

Loved this post. I wouldn't have wanted my Dad as my principal...wait, maybe I would have, but definitely NOT my mother.

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