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December 06, 2010


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Hope you like it as much as I do, MZ.


You've piqued my curiosity. I'm on the hunt for a new holiday album to add to the rotation. Gracias. Xie xie. Thanks.


Hope you love it, my friend! Theres a Verdi aria that will knock you out. Im a big sap and cry Every. Time.

Audubon Ron

Thanks for the tip. I ordered it.


Awesome.  : )

Marcy Massura

Downloading now.


Any time, Meggie.  : )


Whoa, who let Beej in? *lalalala I'm not listening to youuuuuu*

Ari Shapiro? Whoda thunkit? Off to download now! Thanks for the rec, Foolery!


Wonderful, Gramps! And just so you know -- no kick-backs here. This is in no way a promotion or anything. I just like them. Glad you do, too!


HOLY COW. Never heard of them before----now I just ordered two CDs


Never heard the first one . . . know M.Steamroller . . . LOVE Karen Carpenters voice. Thanks boB!

boB Cleveland

My absolute all-time favorite Christmas album was "Ira Ironstrings Plays Christmas for People Who've Heard Everything" (along with Mannheim Steamroller's Christmas Album, and Karen Carpenter's). You can even still buy them, here ... http://www.amazon.com/Ira-Ironstrings-Plays-Santa-Claus/dp/B0000DG014 .. although I still have mine.


I loved that -- never even heard of it before last week.  : )


having a wonderful flashback of The Girl from when she was in kindergarten and had to sing in concert "ochos kandelikas" in school :)


Aw, crud, Beej, now its in MY head.


Siiiiimply. Haaaaving. Awonderfulchristmastime. Siiiiimply. Haaaaving. Awonderfulchristmastime. Siiiiimply. Haaaaving. Awonderfulchristmastime.

Seriously. I can't stop it. Help me, Pink Martini! You're my only hope!


I am SO JEALOUS, Edie Kate. My favorite of their (non-holiday) songs is Hey Eugene, but I have a lot more to hear. Thanks for reading and commenting!

Edie Kate

I am from Portland (which this group hails from) and had the absolute pleasure of seeing them THREE TIMES live at very different venues more then 10-15 years ago as a teenager (OMG it's been that long???). They are FANTASTIC and I already snatched this up when I saw it at my local Starbucks up here in the Puget Sound area! Their album Sympathique (I think their first) is SO FUN! Go, GET IT! :-)

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