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December 18, 2010


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Clearly she takes after BillyBob


Strawberry banana -- the Bonne Bell of farts.


Mantel Man -- Turd Bombs? Because were fresh out, you know.

Mantel Man

Oh, the girls are going to LOVE what I got them for Christmas. (Don't worry, it's not "Stink Loads" - good guess, though.)


I just hate farts.


Bwahahaa - are you living my life?? My daughter is almost worse than my son, and living with my husband lovingly known as Sir Fartsalot along with a 13 year old boy makes my life often more like a locker room than home! :)


The girl has divine comedic timing.

boB Cleveland

You need to teach your kids "Safety & Doorknob". When someone shall we say ventilates audibly, they have to yell "Safety!" before someone yells "Doorknob!" .. or the caller gets to pound the perpetrator on the arm until he touches a door knob.

Door handles are an acceptable substitute.

This was a widespread practice, enjoyed by all at Lincoln Grade School .. at least until the teachers got to asking what students were working on in Study Hall. I wasn't comfortable shouting "Safety!!" when I was working on my Safety Studies Workbook, so I usually lied and said something else.

Safety Poots


Rick's Cafe

Hmmm, a young female with secret super powers. She'll need guidance (from a wise uncle) to develop the knowledge and ability in order to use her crop-dusting talents for the benifit of mankind.....and of course the properly timed joke....and definately to get back at the mean boy in math class! And like all secret powers, control and temperment are key in being the master of this secret power and....clean drawers.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

The line to become adopted into the Foolery Family starts here, behind me.

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