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November 02, 2010


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Not a better citizen, Heather. I was pretty lame and had no excuse, like just moved. My eyes crossed when reading the pros and cons. I kept thinking, hmmmmm, they are PRO at CONNING me. I voted for Jerry Brown so my husband and I canceled out my parents. From a close-up vantage point it feels awfully pointless and sad, doesnt it?

Thanks for reading and commenting, as always!



I have to admit it. I didn't vote this year. For the first time in my life. I never got a chance to register after moving. Not that it mattered because I'm very blue in this huge red state of Texas, and the person I would have voted for lost by tens of thousands of votes.

You are a better citizen than I, my friend!!


I simply pulled a one party lever. And I'm not tellin' which one! (And it's only the second time in my entire voting life I've pulled a single party lever.)

Rick's Cafe

Good luck with Jerry Brown....again.
If yer interested in getting out while there's still a market, I've got some property in the mid-west I'd let ya have for a good price. Have heard that many from CA are leaving and moving to CO.


I voted straight ticket and then the other stuff...the ones I didn't know...women and good names LOL

Laurie Ann

I vote for some people because I like their names. I mean, how can you not vote for a guy named Randy Hammock? It's totally a Porn Star name!


That is pretty much how I felt about it after spending at least 30 minutes this morning on research. I filled out my sample ballot and took it with me, and... mostly voted my party's line. But I feel like I gotta, so I did. And I'm glad I did.

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