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November 11, 2010


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I heard they added insult to injury when they finally disembarked - it took hours to get the luggage off, owing to the lack of escalators and elevators.

What a nightmare!

I love your captions.


SEE?! You are EXACTLY the person Im talking about! (and me, too) who would need to be locked in a rubber room on that ship. The food? No problem -- I could live on PopTarts. Its the NO INTERNET situation that would kill us.  : )  Thanks for reading, Debbie!



Not sure who I'm laughing at more...you or Bob! I happen to like Spam but it wouldn't matter. Would be curled up in a withdrawal bawl because my crops were dying in Frontierville!


HA! Ba-dump-bump.  ; )

boB Cleveland

I told a guy at cardio today that, if I went on a cruise and this happened, and they gave my money back and gave me another cruise free, I'd take'em up in a heartbeat. He said he had been on a cruise where he ate Spam and Pop-Tarts, and they offered him another one for free.

But he wouldn't re-enlist....

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