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November 08, 2010


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Terry Bayer

Lying about your bra size might have put you into a more difficult situation, don't you think? People who know you would have found it ridiculous that you put something up on the Internet that wasn't true. So I admire you for indeed acting your age, Laurie. Some even take that maturity to a whole new level of bravery by actually getting their chest done. At least they won't have to lie about their bra size anymore.


Holy underwires, Batman!


I would feel better if my number were smaller and my letter were later.

Marcy Massura

What? Things we say on the internet can be seen by others months later?

How come no one explained this to me?

36D. Feel better? Now we are even. :)


Thank you, I so needed a chuckle this morning.

Chesapeake Bay Woman


Rick's Cafe

Blue goes good with those merlot eyes :)

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