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November 01, 2010


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lisa mertins

hi laurie! i had fun catching up on your posts AND i looked up orland. since you live where you grew up, you prolly don't have annoying people say "where the heck is orland" very often so you're welcome :)

although i'm a nice person, i do fall off my blog reading duties as marcy and suz can attest to but i will promise to visit more often.

hope your trip down here is loads of fun and have a safe journey back to fooleryland...



Perhaps the most difficult and inane election I have ever seen. More reason to just give up on the whole government thing

Marcy Massura

Nothing better than blurry kitties I always say. Of course that usually means I have been drinking again...

San Diego Momma

You can DIE from stupidity?

Why I n...


Rick's Cafe

...and now I know the rest of the story.


This looks incredibly fun!

boB Cleveland

I understand clucking. The chicken was really asking "Do these feathers make my butt look big?"

Mental P Mama

I wish my butt was that cute. Only not as fluffy.

Edie Kate

Guess why? Chicken thigh!

Hopefully stupidity only gets Timmy in the end and no one else, however after all of the election ads I've seen running the last month there may be other casualties of the stupid kind.

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