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October 26, 2010


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Franca Bollo

Thanks a lot ... I'll never look at Timmy the same ... ever.


Maybe they're twins and they're planning a magic trick.

Either that or I shouldn't let The Prestige into my head so much.

noe noe girl

Dick Tracy stikes again!

Rick's Cafe

Thinkin you probably need to conduct some locker room interviews .... ya know, to either prove or disprove your hypothesis.


Yeah, but I bet Johnny Weir doesn't drop "f-bombs" on TV.

Not sure my heart will survive another series--but, of course I will be watching every pitch. "Giants baseball---TORTURE"

Suzanne Broughton

You're cracking this thing wide open!

Cactus Petunia

Yee Ha! Go Giants! (And Laurie Ann's right: they're both awfully young to be major sports figures)

boB Cleveland

Yeah, Laurie, but looks aren't everything.



But youre funnier than any of the presidents, boB  -- ex- or otherwise.  ; )

boB Cleveland

Laurie Ann, you have NO IDEA! I'm older than some ex-presidents.

Wow. I just now thought about that.

Wish I hadn't.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

Once again you've proved my point. Proven? Or proved? Whatever.

YOU ARE GIFTED beyond belief. I'm calling Hollywood right now.

Your Agent (who can't remember her verb tenses but can get you in the ball park of "close enough.")


Thank you -- I try.  : )


You are too much, Ma'am.


Boy howdy, Laurie Ann -- I hear ya.  : )


Laurie Ann

How can someone born AFTER I graduated from high school be a major league pitcher. I refuse to be old enough for that to be a possibility.

boB Cleveland

Squash the two of them into one 26-year-old, and he'd be about the same avoirdupois as our grandson Matthew. Also born in the summer of 1984.

He could wear either one of those guys on his keychain.

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