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October 17, 2010


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I love his hat in the first picture!


Gawd, so did I!!

Suburban Kamikaze

I see a stern letter from the Mattel people in your future.



Porn movies have POSTERS?


The first looks like an idea for a gothic romance novel, the second like a poster for a porn movie. Good, clean fun.


This post has inspired me to find my old Barbies when I go to visit my folks this weekend!

Chesapeake Bay Woman

That Ken in the first picture looks exactly like someone from TV, but the hat and the wondering exactly what is going on under that dress has me so distracted I cannot concentrate.

Is it someone from a soap opera? A sit com? Captain Kirk? I can't think of who it is, but I will keep coming back until I figure it out.

Mental P Mama

Apple. Tree.


The girls were just given a huge collection of old Barbies and clothes and they were eager to try them out. Laurie Ann, the weird plastic footwear were actually sparkly panty hose which, of course, fit poorly. G.I. Joes hat and Barbies dress were hand-crocheted by my grandmother years ago. No Extremities Ken and the Chinese Acrobat Twins were part of the new collection. I think No Extremities Ken looks like a young (happier) Michael Myers from the movie Halloween, dont you?

Thanks for commenting, as always!


Laurie Ann

Disabled Vet Ken with the Vegas showgirls is disturbing enough, but what is on the feet of the bride in the first photo? Are they clear plastic shoes or is it a skin condition?

Audubon Ron

I use to tie M80s to GI Joe. You probably don't need to know anymore than that. :)


OMG I'm still laughing. I used Barbies to ride my Breyer model horses. Sometimes I had to dislocate a hip to make them sit on the horse better.

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