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October 08, 2010


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Chesapeake Bay Woman

I was a willing text bomb recipient, overjoyed to read the family genealogy which included a not-so-veiled reference to turds.

Your family is the best.

These photos are too.


Meg, the Nevada sky is usually hazy and white with heat on that drive, and everything is various shades of dirt. BUT that was a stunningly beautiful day, for sure.


My brothers got the brunt of the text bombing, Marce. Poor guys were just trying to watch the 49ers get creamed and I kept sending them drivel. I thought it was an even trade, actually.

Meg at Soup Is Not A Finger Food

Oh, how I wish I was within a day's drive of Las Vegas! I've only ever flown over that desert - it's impressive from the air, but it looks much prettier from the ground.

The Glamorous Life Association

I love these photos. And I loved the textbomb too.

I waved to you as you went by the OC on the way back up to neverneverORland.


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