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October 21, 2010


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Suzanne Broughton

You should have said, "Well, YOU found me."


I just say, "She's not here." Period. Leaves 'em guessing. They always hang up.

Cactus Petunia

Ha! Love it. Nothing like the truth to scare people off!

Audubon Ron

This is how I do it.

Caller: Hi is this Mr...

That fast.


Oooh, Im gonna hafta try that one, Mara -- thanks!


So true, Gramps. At least theyre mostly recordings so I can hang up on them, however!


Another tactic:
(with your best computerized voice)
press 1 if you would like to continue this conversation in English.
Press 2 if you would like to continue this conversation in Lithuanian.


But nothing is as bad as the MULTITUDE of political calls that come in at all times of day and night
Hurry November 2

Chesapeake Bay Woman


The 4 Stages of Denying Telemarketers


Unfortunately, boB, that doesnt work if you are a business and you already do business with them and theyre contacting you to UPSELL you, or calling from another tiny little division of their monolithic corporation. A certain phone company, for instance.

Deb, I just did my Girl Scout duty. Can I interest you in a magazine subscription?

noe noe girl

I just love it!!

boB Cleveland

I've found the following line worked wonders: "Oh, thank GOODNESS .. I thought you were another one of those BILL COLLECTORS who keep calling me ALL the time!!!"

It worked until we went on the no-call list, and now "Just wanted to let you know you WILL BE reported to the FCC for violating US Federal laws..." does the same thing.

San Diego Momma

What can you do about those annoying Girl Scouts?


If not, please send me your phone number so my daughter can contact you.

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