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October 19, 2010


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Suzanne Broughton

*fruit salad* Yummy Yumm*
Oh, drat.

Suzanne Broughton

Refuse to click on the Fruit Salad Song. Won't do it. It's taken me four years to get that song out of my head!


I still pine for Steve from Blues Clues.

The Glamorous Life Association

I will admit it.
I had a small small thing for Blue shirt guy.

noe noe girl

snort! I remember the Wiggles days around here! it was torture!

Audubon Ron

How do you go through life telling everyone you used to e a Wiggle?


PeeWee Herman -- I LOVE PeeWee Herman! And hes on Twitter. If hes doing anything regrettable, I dont know about it.

Ha-HAH! Cocktail wieners!


Yes, the original Yellow one (I think his name is Greg?) has some kind of illness that makes performing impossible. Im so sorry the stand-in isnt doing it for you. I kind of dig the blue one. I used to imagine he was Kevin Kline -- back when I regularly had to endure kid TV.

Chesapeake Bay Woman

I know I'm in Fooleryland when we're reflecting on creamed onions, something that wiggles, and world peace simultaneously.

Thank the good Lord above my kids were too old for this bunch. But that first photo had me thinking we were talking about the Monkeys.

Wiggles, Monkeys, Telechubbies--I mean tubbies--there's something highly disturbing in the world of children's program names...where's PEE WEE Herman when you need him?

On second thought, let's not ask that. He's probably busy. Somewhere. Doing something. Unmentionable.


Wasn't there one who had to retire because of illness? I think it was the yellow one. Because the one in the picture looks unfamiliar and he's not doing it for me.

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