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September 23, 2010


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My turn now please.


Yes, that does explain the dizzy! Glad your daughter had fun atop the elephant and hope you got to see her smiles in real life even if you didn't quite capture them for posterity.


I'm still smiling. Thanks

boB Cleveland

Reminds me of the man whose minimum wage job was to "cleanse the colon" of the elephants, before they performed in the Big Top. This involved both irrigation and a shoulder-length rubber glove, the use of which I'm sure you can imagine.

When a friend suggested he get a more palatable job with higher pay in a local business, he said ..

"WHAT ... and give up SHOW BUSINESS?"


Dizzy as well. I should put this on my bucket list.

The Glamorous Life Association

Wow such photography skills. Thank you for sharing your talent with us. :)

boB Cleveland

Hey mama .. I can't jump either. Don't I count?

noe noe girl

Make sure I'm on your Christmas card list!

Mental P Mama

Did you know that elephants are the only mammal that cannot jump? I think that's a very good thing.

boB Cleveland

or become a paparazzi.

IRONY OF THE DAY: The ad at the bottom of the page: BORROWLENSES.

Audubon Ron

Whoa, I'm a little dizzy.

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